The Best Of Motown And More will fill you with musical memories of those fabulous 50s and swingin’ early 60s! Enjoy the unforgettable classics made famous by The Platters, including "Twilight Time," "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," "Only You," and "My Prayer."

From start to finish, this is the show that will launch you back to the days when you dressed in your Sunday best for every date, drove a hot rod car to the drive-in movie, and slow-danced the night away! In keeping with the amazing harmonies of music from the time, you’ll hear doo-wop songs that’ll get your feet movin’, and those sensational Motown songs will have you snappin’ your fingers and singin’ along! “The Best Of Motown And More” isn’t just for those who remember the good ol' days; it’s perfect entertainment to share with the kids, grandkids, and everyone who loves great music!

It’s time for that sentimental journey. It’s time to teach your kids and grandkids what real music is to you. It’s time to come to Branson and hop on the memory train. It’s time to see & hear “The Best Of Motown And More!”

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The Best Of Motown And More