It's hard to find a better live music show for country music fans than the Statler Brothers Revisited! This tribute show takes you back in time in country music, paying tribute to the legendary band, the Statler Brothers. During the show, you will be entertained by a talented tribute band who bring the full Statler Brothers experience to life for you with their incredible talent of looking, sounding, and acting just like the legends themselves!

Sit back and enjoy brilliant musical performances of some of the Statler Brothers most famous hits from across their decades of music history. Relax and tap your toe along to the beat of popular tunes from yesteryear like 'Flowers on the Wall,' 'That'll Be the Day,' 'Thank You World,' 'Susan When She Tried,' 'I'll Go to My Grave Loving You,' 'Silver Medals and Sweet Memories,' 'Some I Wrote,' 'Do You Know You Are My Sunshine,' and so many more.

The Statler Brothers Revisited show is the ideal music show for those who love country music, and it is perfect for families and couples alike. 

The Statler Brothers Revisited

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