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​Ryna G is an artist that has it all: a unique voice, a stage appearance, and ambitions. She has been known for her pure love for music since she was five. She is an artist that was born to sing.

​In 2016 Ryna has joined the band The Jersey Girls in the United States, where she pursued her big dream about a music career. Ryna G ('Iris' back then) was inspiring the team with her big desire to grow and was working hard spending days and nights at the rehearsals. The unknown band at that time has become one of Chicagoland's favorite girls' bands. They’ve been touring all over the country and performing at the biggest festivals, theaters, venues, as well as TV appearing on WGN and Fox 32 Chicago. 

After four years of hard work, numerous achievements and close friendship with the bandmates, Ryna decided to go separate her ways.  Finally, the time has come and Ryna G is a solo artist!  

Ryna G Band